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The Designer


Loue Interiors founder Louise Johnsen Mueller was born and raised in Trollhättan, Sweden. She moved to the US in 2010. Louise jokes that she automatically was born with the Scandinavian Design passion in her blood. With a slight obsession for vintage pottery and furniture she has collected them for the past 20 years (don’t worry they occasionally find their way into a clients home). 

Our Approach

Loue Interiors focuses on sustainability and will always incorporate vintage and antique pieces into the design when possible. We do not believe in "fast fashion" furniture, we know and appreciate the value of true craftsmanship. Our spaces are designed in collaboration with our clients and it is important to us that what we do will be enjoyed by our clients for many years to come.


Creativity - Make it unique 

Personality - Make it yours

Inspiration - Create from within 

Collaboration - This is your home

Sustainability - Make a lasting impression 

To us Interior Design is not just about pretty things, it is about creating something functional and beautiful while working hand in hand with our clients.

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